Company Incorporation Services Offshore and in Singapore

Exes had been providing services for more than 20 years and our qualified staff will be able to assess your start-up needs and advise on the most appropriate company or business structure suitable for your businesses. We will advise our clients on how to best kick-start their operations.


Offshore company formation

We assist in the registration of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and other tax haven countries. We also have available shelf companies that are registered in these countries. These offshore companies are normally used for international trading, investment holdings or joint venture purposes so that tax exposure due to profits or capital gains can be minimised or eliminated. We provide corporate secretarial services to help you attain regulatory compliance in these countries as well.

Singapore company business formation

With low personal and corporate tax rates and numerous government incentives, Singapore has become an internationally recognised commercial hub attracting entrepreneurs and multinational enterprises from every industry and every corner of the globe. Choosing to incorporate a company within Singapore enables you to take advantage of the governments many business positive initiatives which are designed to help start-up companies manage the costs associated with starting a business. Exes offers a number of company incorporation services within Singapore including:

  • Formation of private limited companies
  • Registration of limited liability partnership
  • Registration of sole-proprietor or partnership business
  • Registration of foreign branches
  • Registration of representative office

For company or business registration, please fill up Form A and Form B to provide us the required details, and send it to enquiry@exes.com.sg. Our staff will assist you with your registration and incorporation needs.

To learn more about the company incorporation services we offer both within Singapore and offshore, please don’t hesitate to get in touchy with us by phone, email, or by using the online enquiry form.