Reliable Administrative and Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

The responsibilities of company directors, agents or representatives continue to grow. We are able to assist your business to start off right, and help to ensure that it continues to meet the ongoing statutory obligations. We are always accessible and responsive to your needs. Our wealth of experience and high degree of technical knowledge enables us to assist you in handling difficult situation. Entrepreneurs and managers who leave the regulatory compliance work to us are able to better focus on the operations of the business.

Provision of a company secretary

The Singapore Companies Act stipulates that all companies incorporate in Singapore must appoint a secretary who is a resident in the city. The role of company secretary is not really secretarial in nature, the prime function of this role is to have a person who is responsible for all of the administrative and reporting requirements. This role needs to be appointed within six months of incorporation and cannot be the sole director (if there is more than one director then a locally resident director can perform this function). To help companies achieve compliance, Exes is able to provide an experienced company secretary.

Comprehensive services rendered by us in this role include:-

  • Provision of a professional qualified person as company secretary
  • Convene and attend board of Directors’ and Shareholders meeting
  • Prepare minutes and resolutions of Directors and Shareholders
  • Annual compliance work which include the following:-
    • Prepare notice, agenda and minutes for Annual General Meeting
    • Prepare and filing of necessary forms with ACRA
    • Custody and maintenance of Statutory Registers and Minute Book
    • Send Reminders on the filing deadline
  • Striking off of name from ACRA
  • Volunteer Liquidation of company

To learn more about the ways Exes can work with your company to ensure compliance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling (65) 62969919.