A Virtual Office in the Heart of Singapore

CoWork is your desirable mobile workplace in central Singapore

Are you on mobile working arrangement? Or are you a freelance professional? Exes is excited to introduce our conducive work environment designed for professionals from different industries to gather for work and socialising purposes. Located at the Mezzo in Balestier, Singapore, CoWork is a cozy office that provides the convenience of a modern day office free from the constraints of a corporate setting. This alternative space is fully furnished, complete with wireless services and other complementary amenities, including security measures to protect our clients. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a freelancer looking for a mobile workplace, your search is over. Let Exes’ CoWork Membership Plan fulfill your professional needs today.

A flexible co-working space that lets you operate on your own terms

There are a number of advantages of electing to use a co-working space or virtual office.

Some of the benefits or choosing to rent a co-working space include:

a) Access to facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, and office equipment which start-ups might not otherwise be able to afford.

b) The ability to bypass the substantial cost associated with fitting out your own office space.

c) Having a virtual office in a prestigious business district in central Singapore also helps establish the legitimacy of your business and raise your public profile.

d) The ability to hire services as you need them.

Please see the CoWork Membership Plan to learn more about the types of facilities and services available at CoWork.

Package page for Website

1. The fees quoted do not include Postage charges applies for forwarding overseas mail
2. Additional use of Meeting Room will be charged at $30 per hour
3. Additional use of CoWork Desk will be charged at $10 per hour
4. Use of printer for colour photocopy or colour printing will be charged at copier charge (refer page 8)



Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have drinks and snacks in the CoWork office?

Yes, we have a pantry with coffee and tea. We also have a microwave oven and snacks are stocked up regularly for our clients.

Do you have a meeting room?

Yes, we have a small meeting room that can accommodate up to 4 persons, with a TV screen beneath the table. Our big meeting room can host up to 10 persons, with a white board and projector for presentation.

What are the nearby amenities?

Our CoWork office is near many convenience stores, eateries, Whampoa market, hotels, fruit stalls, bars, restaurants, a cinema and 2 supermarkets, all within walking distance.

If you’re interested to arrange for a viewing, or have any questions…

Please drop us an email at enquiry@exes.com.sg or fill up the form below.